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I had a need to pass command line arguments to a bash script. Here’s an easy solution that I came across that can interpret both short- and long- command-line arguments.


You’ve been working with Docker images locally. Now you need to share your Docker images with your team, who work in AWS, but don’t want to host them on Docker Hub for security reasons. …

Problem Statement

From a collection of hundreds or even thousands of items (the universe of items), your data analytics team may want to recommend a personalized basket of items to each customer. Customer A may be recommended the basket {A, B, C} and customer B may be recommended {B, C, D}, etc…

Below I show how to measure an experiment using quantile bootstrapping in Python.

(Fake) Example Data

First, let’s generate some (fake) example data with a hard-coded difference between the treatment outcome versus the control.

Problem Statement

Python’s works great for specifying dynamic arguments when a Python program is launched/run. However, as your organization’s data analytics capabilities grows, it becomes useful to specify arguments for only specific use-cases. For instance, for some analytics, you may want to specify the department name (but not the product type)…

Many Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks start with unstructured data in the form of scanned PDF files. I used this simple Python class that leverages the Tesseract Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to convert a folder of scanned PDF files to respective text files.

Let’s first install the dependencies. We…

I recently had an issue of tracking down a file on AWS S3 based only on its name. Although I thought I knew the file’s bucket location, I wasn’t sure of its full ‘path’ (i.e. key). I wrote this Python class that uses to iterate through files in a…

is great for manipulating but it can be tricky combining it with custom functions. Let’s first create a small data example, called


If you’ve used R for any length of time, you’ve learned that loops are not your friend. Rather, you probably quickly learned to use functions instead: , , . In this article, I’ll discuss some of the lesser known R functions you might not know about.




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